Custom Elk Ivory Jewelry

I have specialized in custom elk ivory jewelry for over 20 years and work with customers to turn their natural elk gemstone into an heirloom piece of jewelry. Pictured here are a few of my past works. I am both a silver and goldsmith and also set gems. My jewelry is hand wrought and elegant. Often I add hammered or stamped textures for a rustic and sparkling surface. I spent almost two decades in the state of Wyoming where I learned about this tradition and taught myself how to shape and polish the elk ivory. If you are new to this natural gem, American elk have two ivory teeth and many hunters save these for use for jewelry; this is legal and it has a long tradition in the American West. Originally wearing elk ivory was begun by the Native Americans who drilled the root and sewed it to their clothing for status, wealth, and beauty. You still see it used in Native American jewelry and artwork today. The ivory can vary in color from white to brown, older elk have larger and more colorful ivories. I currently work out of my studio in Northern California and customers can contact me via email to begin the custom jewelry process.