Amethyst Pansy Ring


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I love seeing a bed of pretty pansies in the garden, the colors and shapes always cheer me. This is a one-of-a-kind pansy with an amethyst star set into its petals. I carved this pansy in wax and then cast it in silver. Then I cleaned it up and created the setting in the surface. To achieve a star setting I use a sharp engraving tool and gently but firmly push a rays of silver to the edges of the stone until they slightly overlap the edges and hold itοΏΌ in place.I am working on the collection of flower rings and the pansy will be among them. This pansy ring is one of the very first that I have carved and will remain one-of-a-kind because I did not make a mold of it so this one won’t be duplicated.

Size 7 1/2

Amethyst, sterling silver.


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