Dark Green Jade Earrings – Small Drops


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The jade is dark green but shows translucence when held to a light and appears to have a mossy pattern. It’s beautiful green nephrite jade from where I bought a large chunk from a miner, sawed it, shaped it and polished it into these drops. I carved them thin to bring out the dark green color. These are delicate but strong earrings.

I made a small hammered silver hook for the top that I very carefully attached with a handmade silver rivet to a handmade ear wire. I like to keep the metalwork to just a small flourish that accents the jade, it glitters in the light. Each pair of these hand cut stone earrings take dozens of slow and thoughtful steps before they are finished.

These earrings are smallish in size and they are about 1″ in length.

Nephrite Jade (Wyoming), Sterling Silver


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