Green Jade Fan Necklace


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This pendant has a mix of pretty olive and yellow-green jade with patterning, some spots are translucent when backlit. I cut and polished this piece to be a wide, medium paddle shape that is flat on both sides. I drilled a tiny hole and made a small copper rivet to attach a handmade hammered necklace attachment. It hangs on a 18″ silver cable.

Nephrite jade is found in the center of Wyoming and is the official state gemstone, the Wyoming variety is mostly green and often has mineral inclusions that create dots and other patterns in different greens, whites, and grey. Nephrite jade is one of the toughest gemstones in the world because its crystalline growth pattern is long strands so we gemstone cutters can cut it very thinly and it stays very strong, most rock and gem crystal structures will not allow for this and crumble.

Nephrite Jade (Wyoming), Sterling Silver


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