Sage Green Jade Barrels Earrings


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This jade is a sage green with veins of black throughtout, it’s really pretty and unual looking. These are large barrels of beautiful Wyoming-sourced jade. I sliced them thin and polished to a shine and they show a beautiful translucent glow when backlit.

I made a small hammered silver hook for the top that I very carefully attached with a handmade silver rivet to a handmade ear wire. I like to keep the metalwork to a small flourish that accents the jade, it glitters in the light.

This jade is green with inclusions of yellow-green patches and is from the state of Wyoming. I start with a large chunk of it and after dozens of steps I finally result in the final small wearable piece of artwork.

Nephrite jade is one of the toughest gemstones in the world because its crystalline growth pattern is long strands so we gemstone cutters can cut it very thinly and it stays very strong, most rock and gem crystal structures will not allow for this and crumble.

Nephrite Jade (Wyoming), Sterling Silver.


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