Isabel Jewelry : Isabel Rucker

I am a silversmith, lapidary, painter, and sculptor on the Mendocino coast of California. My husband, dog, and I have been exploring the beaches and redwood forests; we moved here from Wyoming in 2020 after living in the Rocky Mountains for seventeen years. We love nature and absorbing all aspects of it.

My jewelry is directly connected to the natural world and a few years ago I began cutting and polishing regional stones to be closer connected to the lands that I love. (You will see these in the category: “handcut stones” ). I like thinking about the sources of materials and gathering them myself, like abalone shell or agate. I also source regional stones that other people have found, like the gorgeous multi-colored nephrite jade from Wyoming.

I have been metalsmithing for over 25 years and made thousands of pieces of jewelry. My silverwork includes a lot of hammered texturing (category “hammered jewelry”) because I love the mixture of glitter and hand-wrought look; I use various hammers and my anvil for this effect. I sometimes carve wax models out of special jeweler’s wax to make curvy sculptural pieces that I have cast into metal. And I love to experiment at my jewelry bench so you will sometimes see stand-alone collections appear on this website.

I don’t cut every stone I use, I also purchase beads and stones far beyond my region simply because they’re pretty and also to provide some lower priced choices on my website. But I still like to know a gem’s landscape of origin because that usually tells human, environmental, and geological histories so when I know a stone’s source you will see that on the information on the item listing.

I have been studying gemology for a few years and am approaching earning my Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America. With this I am able to understand gemstones and their origins and also identify them more expertly. This knowledge also helps me cut and polish the rough stones I gather or purchase.

From 2010-2016 I owned a retail store and art gallery in Wyoming (Isabel Jewelry & Gallery) where I was able to personally connect with my customers. Talking to customers on a daily basis helped guide my creative path to understand what people like and appreciate. On those gallery walls I exhibited over 30 contemporary Wyoming artists of all media.

I also paint and sculpt and have been working to relate all of my disciplines, my artist website: www.isabelrucker.com.

About the recycled metals: Whenever possible I use recycled precious metals that I purchase from a mill that specializes in this. I can also melt down and reuse unwanted jewelry.

Custom Work and Repairs: I am currently taking a break on custom orders while I focus on designing new jewelry. I will repair any jewelry that I have made, it is guaranteed for life. I do not repair jewelry that I have not made.

Social Networking: I am on Instagram (@isabeljewelry), Facebook (Isabel Jewelry), Pinterest (isabeljewelry). There you can see photos of my workshop, artwork in progress, my outdoor life, and read event or sale announcements.

My Artist Portfolio Website: www.isabelrucker.com

Pictured above, quartzite and jade sliced or in the rough form and then polished and made into jewelry.