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Cirque of Towers! Where do I even begin? The rugged, ragged, jagged beauty of the pure granite skyline at the Cirque is hard to describe. Enormous and intimate all at once. My husband and I hiked in to the Cirque of Towers in early June and were met with deep snow. For the most part the snow was pretty packed down so we could walk on top of it but here and there our legs would sink in and it could get fairly treacherous. I’d laugh and say “we sure have a strange idea of fun”. Lucky for us there was a group ahead breaking the trail so that helped; we met them at the Jackass Pass right before entering the Cirque and they were a friendly bunch. On the way into the Cirque there was enough snow to sled down in my jeans, it was warm enough that I didn’t mind getting wet. That night we camped in the basin and had the opportunity to gaze at the peaks all around and we managed to find a half-melted area under a tree to pitch our tent.

The design of this pendant is the skyline of the Cirque of Towers, each peak is unique in its own way: odd shapes and jutting angles. When I was designing this I drew a lot of different versions until I was able to fine tune them in a circle because when you are in the basin of the Cirque of Towers they are towering all around. On the back of the pendant I cut out the skyline and stamped each peak’s name into the metal.

Choose from Bronze or Sterling Silver.

Comes on a leather cord.

Approximately 1 1/4″ diameter.


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