Cirque of Towers Pendant


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The Cirque of Towers! The rugged, ragged, jagged beauty of the pure granite skyline at the Cirque is hard to describe. The location is enormous and intimate all at once. The design of this pendant has the skyline of the Cirque of Towers bending around the center of the circle. Each peak is unique in its own way: odd shapes and jutting angles. On the back of the pendant I cut out the same skyline and stamped each peak’s name into the metal. The top loop resembles a rock climbing carabiner because the Cirque of Towers is a world renowned rock climbing spot.

Choose from Bronze or Sterling Silver.

Comes on a leather cord or 18″ silver chain.

Approximately 1 1/4″ diameter.

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Silver Chain

Leather Cord, Silver Bead Chain 18"


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