Wind River Range Pendant


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My husband and I try to spend a lot of time in the Wind River Range; we live right at the foot of it in Pinedale, Wyoming and our favorite thing to do in the summer is to backpack and camp in these mountains.

This spring we were up on a summit and I was, as always, completely taken by the stacked high ragged mountain peaks. For this pendant, I drew from photos I have taken on that trip and others and made many sketches of the outlines of these wild peaks until I decided on a few that I liked the best. I then stacked them up just as they are up high.

On the back of the pendant I wanted to have a ‘summit marker’ look. When you get to the top of these peaks often you can find a summit marker at the highest point and often in the very middle of the round marker is a triangle with a dot marking the very exact tip top of the mountain. Around the dot I’ve sawed out the words WIND RIVER RANGE. I also like that the triangle is the classic shape for representing a mountain.

Choose from Silver or Bronze.

Comes on a leather cord.

Approximately 1 1/4″.


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