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Returning in Stone

Posted July 18, 2019 

I’m getting so close to introducing my new jewelry collection! For the last two years I’ve been digging deep into my creative spirit and figuring out where to take my jewelry business. 

I’ve been metalsmithing for about 25 years, made thousands of pieces of jewelry, and during 2010-2016 owned a retail store and gallery in Pinedale, Wy. where I was able to thrive. But after so much jewelry production on a constant basis my hands began to consistently ache and I found I was heading towards burning out on an art form that I love to do. At the end of 2016 I closed my shop and dove into my painting and sculpture work and lightened my jewelry load. I continued to explore carving stones for my jewelry while painting and sculpting work that related to them. 

The exciting jewelry development I will be sharing soon is that I’ve decided to focus mainly on stone and minimally use metal; I’ve shook up my materials, tools, and techniques! I’m using mainly regional gemstones and rocks that I’ve purchased from miners or found myself and especially ones that connect me to the lands that I love. As with all new projects it’s taking longer than I predicted to get it all up but in the coming weeks I’ll finally (!!) begin posting new work on my website.

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