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A Lull in the Shop: Sparkly and Rainbowy

Posted January 20, 2016 

 I’ll be closed the next couple of weeks to visit family and take some time to work on some art projects. It’s easy to let months slip by in my daily routine and not even remember what I did so sometimes I find it good to slow down. This winter I’m trying to do that and it’s hard because I hate to have the closed sign up if a customer stops by. The well trained American Puritan in me feels the guilt of not working NONSTOP. Hopefully everyone can understand the lull and have time to return to my shop.

This past week I have been mapping out some new small sculptures in my sketchbook and building small models. I’m drawing inspiration from all of the ice crystals that surround me in the wintertime. I’ve begun thinking of winter as the Season of the Crystal because once you start looking around they’re everywhere (if you happen to live at 7200′ in Wyoming). Snowflakes, constantly changing ice on the creek, hoarfrost on super cold mornings, glistening icicles. They all reflect little dots of rainbows: refracted sunshine.

Meanwhile I am still working towards becoming a Graduate Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America. Current course: Diamonds. Thinking about diamonds fits perfectly with these abundant ice crystals that surround me. So alike (clear, sparkly and rainbowy) yet soooo different in cost. Studying gemstones has been informing my artwork quite a bit this past couple of years (some of you may have seen my public art piece “Quartz, Mica, Feldspar” I finished in 2015) and my current sculptural and painting projects are continuing in this vein.

Thank you for bearing with my oddball hours this winter. I never cease to be thankful for people’s support of my business and artwork. And here are some more ice crystal photos I’ve recently taken:

(Hoarfrost growing on my fencepost.)

(Insanely intricate and beautiful hoarfrost on Fremont Lake in Pinedale, Wy.)

(Snowflakes gathering on my sideview mirror.)

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