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Happy Winter!

Posted December 22, 2015 

Happy Solstice! It’s the shortest day of the year and to celebrate I took my dog on a long very cold walk before work. Zero degrees and a lot of layers of wool clothing. Moose, deer, ravens, magpie and a chickadee. I love the bottom of the year, the darkest days, the deep cold wintertime. It always seems like a good time to celebrate our vigorous urge to survive. The cycle of life that nature performs never ceases to fully amaze me and although we are in what seems like the dead of winter I know that all of the plants are simply sleeping until springtime.

I’m looking forward to having Christmas with family in just a few days and am winding things down at the shop for the Christmas season. Last minute shoppers are popping in and buying little treats for their loved ones and we are more than happy to put a pretty ribbon on the box.

2015 has been a good year, it was the 5-year anniversary of my store in Pinedale, I installed a public sculpture in downtown Pinedale, I started learning how to cut stones (lapidary), and I continued to make piles of jewelry for friendly tourists and townsfolk. My job is interesting because I get the chance to be a part of people’s milestones whether it is a new baby, a marriage or a lose of a loved one. I try to navigate each instance with as much love and respect as possible and I always feel so grateful to be included in these touching events. I never take for granted that somebody wants to have my artwork be a part of their life.

In January I plan to create my own artist residency. By this I mean that I will be open part time and on the days that I am closed I plan to work on art projects that I have not had the opportunity to achieve. I plan on mixing my love of jewelry making with sculpture and painting to start a new body of work, stay tuned.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and new year, thank you for supporting Isabel Jewelry throughout 2015.


Public Sculpture, “Quartz, Mica, Feldspar” opening party: installed in springtime 2015:

More photos of “Quartz, Mica, Feldspar” and read the artist statement here:

5-Year Shop Anniversary Party, Summer 2015:

Lapidary, stone cutting, came to the shop in 2015:

Happy times at the workbench in 2015:

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