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African Glass

Written August 10, 2012

I just added a bunch of necklaces to this site made of African Bottle Glass.  Last year at a gem and mineral show I purchased the beads from a Ghanan man.  He travels back to Ghana periodically to buy beads for import.  The bottle glass beads are made from crushing up old bottles and remelting them.  I love repurposed, recycled and reused materials and these are fun and colorful.  You won’t see many of them out there.  The necklaces are chunky and kind of weighty on the neck, I like the feel of them.  A lot of people have thought they were beach glass because they have a tumbled, matte surface.

Also I made some lighter necklaces with African white-heart glass beads.  White-heart beads have clear colored glass with a white center that winds up giving them a pretty glow.  They’re mixed with chevrons and smaller bottle glass beads.